Up In The Night – Family Reality

I am the parent of several wonderful children. Our family consists of some girls and some boys, a fish and two dogs. Needless to say we are a busy bunch. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to be a stay at home mom. Some days run smoothly other days can be chaotic. Last night my 7 year old daughter woke me around midnight with a blanket, floor, and bed covered in throw up. I staggered out of bed and tried to console her the best I could while groggily trying to clean up so she could rest comfortably. I wear glasses and I tried to do all this without being able to see too well, as I didn’t put them on. Several times I found myself stepping in the mess. It was a long night as this scenario repeated itself many times. When I am taking care of a sick child it brings out the tender side of me as you feel so bad that they are sick. I had a great Mom who did the same for me when I was a child. Today we might pull out some pictures and look through them together while my child recovers.

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