Family Time at the Park and Trees

Today we went to the park as a family and during the walk someone pointed out the new trees that had recently been planted at the park. They were planted in clusters of 3, smallish trees. But we’ll take any kind we can get because it is a park that sorely lacks trees as we have observed and commented on many times. The wifey wanted us to go to the park because she felt it would be the last time we could enjoy the park in relative peace and quiet because the nearby road they have been working on for months is finally finished and will open soon. Soon as in today. Out at the park which overlooks the river and therefore has a large expanse of nothing, the sound out there carries incredibly well. So our family enjoyed a nice walk. We pushed the little ones on the swings and some of them rode the electric scooter around, which is an absolute blast for them. All in all it was a fun occasion for the entire family.

However, at one point all three little ones were riding on the scooter at the same time and it would have made for a wonderful photo op and I wished we had taken our digital camera with us to the park. It would have been a great photo to go into the family history book and or to be used within the family tree software that allows for photos to be added. I would have also taken photos of them on the swings.

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