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Gaming with the Family: Photo Memories

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The other day we took some family photos of the boys playing online games. My older boy loves to play a certain free online game and he plays it a lot, hour after hour. The younger boy hasn’t yet started playing such computer games but if he can sit with the person playing then he likes that. So this one day I wanted my older boy to spend some time with his younger brother, so I suggested we get the younger one his own profile and have the older one teach him how to play. Well, it was a little bit too hard for him, and he couldn’t really do it because the game required right clicking. So the older brother ended up playing for him but he still got to sit on the same chair with big brother while they played. That was exactly what I wanted. So we grabbed a digital camera and took pictures of them playing next to each other. We took the photo from the back so you see the backs of their heads and the chair back and then you see the computer screen with the game they are playing. It is a cute shot of them together and shows the family playing together. Of course we also took some photos of them where they turned their heads to look at the camera. And even I got in some of the shots with them. Just all the boys playing their game.

These will be some good photos to be used in the family tree software that can support photos.